• Every sculpture starts with your story.
You can give me as much or as little information as you
feel is necessary to create your
dog or cat's likeness. Tell
me your story. The more information you give to me
about your friend, the more detailed I can be. Personality
is what I am going for. If your p
et has mixed patterned
, then pictures will be very helpful. If your dog or cat
is quiet, playful, regal, or all of the above, I can bring out
their unique character and qualities in a custom
  • Crafted from quality clays and finished with care.
After you are comfortable that I have enough information, I will
your pet's likeness out of fine pottery grade clay and fire
it in a kiln for strength. Once fired completely, I hand paint,
seal the sculpture and fit the closing. Each sculpture is shipped
with the utmost care and easy instructions on how to inter the
ashes. If you would rather I seal the ashes, you can ship them
to me and I will inter them for free before shipping the urn to

  • Art priced within reach.
The charge for each sculpture is $625.00 US. Shipping is a flat
insured rate of $50.00 in the lower 48 states. I discount
multiple orders for those of you interested in several a
Please feel free to email any questions about the
 pet memorial
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