My name is Stephanie Albright; I am a 44 yr. old mother of six (if you count my furry
children also) and I create custom pet sculptures and memorials for folks like you and me.

I started  making sculptures and memorials about six years ago when I found that there
are many wonderful people out there like yourself that would like to memorialize their
amazing cats and dogs and had few options.

Pet owners value  real art that captures the essence of their furry companions and can
be displayed  beautifully anywhere in their home.

Our pets are unique, amazing and wonderful members of our family! Why should we be
tied to plastic mass made trinkets? Why should our only choices for custom pet artwork
be paintings or expensive bronze scupture?

When I decided that I wanted to offer custom pet sculptures, I also determined there
wasn't any reason a dog or cat owner should have to pay separately for a memorial for
that eventual day if they weren't already suffering that terrible loss.

I can tell you that this has been the most fulfilling choice of my artistic life. I have had
the honor of working with many amazing and wonderful people.  Each one has touched
me personally by allowing my hands and the clay of the earth to provide them joy,
comfort, and in many cases healing.

I look forward to working with you and your family and thank you in advance for your
inspiration as I continue my efforts to provide pet owners  a quality option with custom
dog and cat sculptures and memorials.

About the artist
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