• Cats are members of our families; they should be
    honored as such.
  • My mission began when my sister asked me to
    sculpt her cat “Spot” who she had for close to 20
    years. I agreed and while the work was still in
    progress, her cat lost a  battle with kidney disease
    and had to be euthanized. My sister had “Spot”
    cremated and to her horror was given a baggie of
    her cat’s ashes or cremains. She was very upset and
    rightly so. This is unfortunately the case for many
    pet owners. I decided that not only did my sister
    deserve better, but every cat owner should have
    that opportunity.
  • Cremation is the most logical option for pet owners today, but what do you do with the
    ashes or “cremains”?
  • Anyone that has ever loved a pet knows how hard it is to lose them. It is even harder
    when you have lost such a close friend that you find how few options you really have.
    Cremation is the most common route pet lovers follow. Few people bury their pets
    anymore because we rarely finish our own lives in the homes we have. If we bury the pet
    that we have cherished for years, and then move….Not how I prefer to honor my pets. But
    there are options as I am sure you have found. Unfortunately, as I researched what is
    available for us, I found that those options are very limited, many urns are of low quality
    and the few that allow you to personalize the urn are just with a plaque. Nothing unique
    to you or your pet. There are bronze sculptures that are available but many of those start
    in the thousands of dollars. Not in the price range of most devoted pet lovers. All pet
    lovers deserve access to great things.
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